Business Law

S. Barrett, P.C. is a boutique law firm focused on assisting the small to mid sized business with transactional / corporate and operational services designed to optimize the legal needs of our clients. S. Barrett, P.C. is truly a "one stop shop" for the vast majority of the legal needs facing the small to mid sized business. Scott Barrett approaches the practice of law from a business-centric perspective. Before determining the best legal method to solve everyday and complex challenges, he relies on his understanding of core business principles, strategy, planning, and operations to transcend the traditional Counsel / Client relationship, thus creating a consultative role that adds value to the Client's overall business strategy.

Knowing the needs of small and mid sized businesses, S. Barrett, P.C. has developed an Virtual In House Counsel (VIHC) program to assist business owners and managers with their everyday and complex legal requirements. Whether through the VIHC program or on an hourly basis, S. Barrett, P.C. is committed to providing small and mid sized businesses with the level of service and expertise they deserve.

S. Barrett, P.C. can skillfully represent your business in a wide variety of matters such as:

  • Simple and complex contracting;
  • Negotiations;
  • Commercial litigation;
  • Start up and entity development;
  • Commercial lease review and negotiations;
  • Corporate, LLC, LP, RLLP, PC, JV and other various entity formations;
  • Developing a business plan;
  • Mergers and acquisitions; 
  • Buying & selling a business;
  • Private Placement Memorandums;
  • Debt and equity funding;
  • Buy / Sell Agreements;
  • Franchise Agreements;
  • Master Services Agreements;
  • Trademark and Service Mark registration;
  • Partnership Agreements and dissolutions;
  • Employment Agreements;
  • Employer side employment law matters;
  • Corporate governance issues.

Virtual In House Counsel©

In today's business environment, no matter the size of your business, there is a need for sound legal advice on a regular basis to handle day-to-day corporate legal matters. At S. Barrett, P.C., we recognize that many small to mid-sized businesses do not have the financial resources necessary to hire a full time in-house counsel or to retain a large firm to handle matters on a transaction by transaction basis. As a result, many businesses forgo retaining a lawyer on a regular basis or at the front end of a project, which often results in greater complication and crippling long-term expense. For this very reason, S. Barrett, P.C. has developed a Virtual In House Counsel¬© Program (VIHC). 

Through the VIHC program, a set number of hours per month will be established depending on the particularized needs of the client to assist the business with their legal and strategic needs; be it contract development, drafting and negotiations, employment agreements, regulatory compliance, business strategy or other matters that small and mid-sized businesses regularly encounter. The VIHC provides the benefit of having your own in-house counsel, but does so at a fraction of the cost, since it provides significant savings over our standard billing rates. Additionally, if a VIHC client exceeds its established hours in a given month, the additional hours are billed at a 20% discount off of our standard rates.

With S. Barrett, P.C.'s VIHC program, no matter the size of your business, you have continual access to corporate counsel.

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