The Legal Strategist 2024

Legal Strategist Issues for 2024

Understanding The Elements Of A Contract
Newsletter 1Q-2024

The Legal Strategist 2023

Legal Strategist Issues for 2023

Corporate Transparency Act / Beneficial Ownership
Newsletter 4Q-2023

New Laws in Texas for 2023
Newsletter 3Q-2023

Texas Business Courts
Newsletter 2Q-2023

Texas Remote Worker Laws
Newsletter 1Q-2023

The Legal Strategist 2022

Legal Strategist Issues for 2022

Changes to Texas Lien Laws
Newsletter 4Q-2022

Advantages of Mediation
Newsletter 3Q-2022

Texas Fiduciary Duty
Newsletter 2Q-2022

Necessary of Accurate Recordkeeping
Newsletter 1Q-2022

The Legal Strategist Archive

All Legal Strategist Issues from 3rd Quarter 2007 through 3rd Quarter 2021

Maintaining the Attorney-Client Privilege
Newsletter 4Q-2021

Federal Employee Posting Fines
Newsletter 3Q-2021

Texas Employers and COVID-19 Vaccinations
Newsletter 2Q-2021

Mitigating Employment Discrimination Risks and COVID
Newsletter 1Q-2021

Employee Monitoring
Newsletter 4Q-2020

Remote Notarization of Estate Documents
Newsletter 3Q-2020

Telecommuting Essential Considerations
Newsletter 2Q-2020

Force Majeure and Coronavirus
Newsletter 1Q-2020

HIPAA Release
Newsletter 4Q-2019

Advanced Directives
Newsletter 3Q-2019

Understanding Indemnification Clauses
Newsletter 2Q-2019

SNDA in Commercial Leases
Newsletter 1Q-2019

Properly Evaluating a Franchise Opportunity
Newsletter 4Q-2018

Build a Strong Defense Before Litigation Ensues
Newsletter 3Q-2018

Do Employees Have "Political Free Speech" at Work?
Newsletter 2Q-2018

Your Partner is Stealing from the Company - Now What?
Newsletter 1Q-2018

Fighting Coroprate Espionage
Newsletter 4Q-2017

Protecting Client Lists from Ex-Employee
Newsletter 3Q-2017

Basic Requirements for an S Corp
Newsletter 2Q-2017

Texas Will Basics
Newsletter 1Q-2017

Judge Blocks Rule on Overtime Pay
Newsletter 4Q-2016

Quit or Discharge and the TWC Claim
Newsletter 3Q-2016

Final Rule on Overtime Pay
Newsletter 2Q-2016

Essential Documents for Your College-Age Child
Newsletter 1Q-2016

Texas Crowdfunding
Newsletter 4Q-2015

Federal Protection for Employees Using Social Media
Newsletter 3Q-2015

Do-It-Yourself Vs. Licensed Attorney
Newsletter 2Q-2015

Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies
Newsletter 1Q-2015

The Shotgun Buy Sell Agreements
Newsletter 4Q-2014

Medical and Durable Powers of Attorney
Newsletter 3Q-2014

The Importance of Commercial Lease Reviews
Newsletter 2Q-2014

Proposed Changes to Overtime Under the FLSA
Newsletter 1Q-2014

Four Fundamental Business Resolutions
Newsletter 4Q-2013

At Will Vs. Right to Work
Newsletter 3Q-2013

Livestock and Liability Laws - What You Need to Know
Newsletter 2Q-2013

Reducing Potential Litigation for Small Business
Newsletter 1Q-2013

 When "Big Company" Laws Can Apply to Small Businesses
Newsletter 4Q-2012

LLC's Vs. S Corporations
Newsletter 3Q-2012

Asset Purchase Agreements Vs. Stock Purchase Agreements
Newsletter 2Q-2012

The Legal Issues of Conducting Background Checks and Inquiries
Newsletter 1Q-2012

Basic Estate Planning
Newsletter 4Q-2011

Domestic Violence and the Workplace
Newsletter 3Q-2011

Social Networking at the Office
Newsletter 2Q-2011

Hiring Employees without Inviting a Lawsuit
Newsletter 1Q-2011

New Years Resolutions for Your Business
Newsletter 4Q-2010

Drafting Effective Non-Compete Agreements
Newsletter 3Q-2010

Pros and Cons of Arbitration
Newsletter 2Q-2010

Piercing the Corporate Veil
Newsletter 1Q-2010

Legal Health Check
Newsletter 4Q-2009

Texas Payday Law
Newsletter 3Q-2009

At-Will and Discrimination
Newsletter 2Q-2009

Minutes are Essential
Newsletter 1Q-2009

Caution and Planning are Keys to Downsizing
Newsletter 4Q-2008

Embezzlement: It's Closer Than You Think!
Newsletter 3Q-2008

The Wisdom of Buy-Sell Agreements
Newsletter 2Q-2008

Simple Estate Planning That Creates Peace of Mind
Newsletter 1Q-2008

Raising Capital Through Debt and Equity Financing
Newsletter 4Q-2007

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Newsletter 3Q-2007

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